A Premier Marketing,PR,Business,Travel Consulting firm offering services in Travel, Event planning,Life Style products & services in beauty & fashion.


Our mission statement is to ensure that we provide cost effective simple business solutions in right medium and time to augment our client’s business potential in a given market. We don’t want to be the biggest but we do want to be the best.


Leisure Al A Mode a premier Business and Marketing consulting house offering consulting functions to start up entrepreneurs and medium scale corporate on Travel, business-to-business and consumer public relations.

We specialize in the travel, Consumer durable, Life Style ,Construction and Education sectors, in which we have hands on field experiences and our consulting services are sum function of business specifics ,very easy-approach tactical action oriented plans, which can be implemented effectively by an entrepreneur, startups to small and medium size enterprises.

We take the inspiration of our name from the French lexicon ( A La Mode , meaning in or according to fashion or Fashionable In Style..) and the English word Leisure prefixed to it supplements our business creed of keeping our consulting services simple and in style which is always in vogue.

Our skilled team combines career PR professionals, business strategists, Travel & Tour Professionals, Event Consultants, beauty consultants and Fashion Stylists.We work with many clients on retainer, but also undertake projects for businesses requiring help with short-term matters, such as launches, trade shows or crisis situations.

Every day, we operate locally and internationally, working with clients and media based mainly in India . As required, we supplement our multilingual team by calling on a network of trusted alliances locally and in selected parts of the globe.

To discuss how we can help you, contact us:

UAE: [email protected] Mobile : +971557846407
India (Delhi): [email protected] Mobile : +919811463587
USA (Atlanta, Georgia): [email protected] Mobile : +1 77 02898555